How it began...

Riley was a black lab we rescued from a breeder in 2002. The breeder was being shut down due to a parvo outbreak at their location. Rather than testing for parvo and treating those dogs, the breeder decided it would just be easier to put them all to sleep. My husband drove 2 hours to the breeders location and after a lot of back and forth they agreed to let us have 1 puppy but only if we paid them something for her. They were still trying to make money as they were being shut down to avoid a total loss! My husband saw Riley sitting in a corner all by herself, she was 4 months old she was the last of her litter and because she was the black pup no one wanted her. He knew she would be coming home with him.

While Riley didn’t have parvo, she had many other issues and required constant vet care the first couple of months she was home. She made a full recovery and lived out her life being the best companion she could be. She loved both of our daughters and watched over them like they were her own. Everyone that met Riley loved her welcoming  nature and her gentle spirit. 

Riley crossed rainbow bridge on September 17, 2011 about a month after her 10th birthday.


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We are a Chicagoland area foster based rescue. As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization we rely solely on the donations of individuals and businesses to help us rescue and rehabilitate unwanted, abused and neglected companion animals. We are a volunteer based organization, 100% of all donations go back into our rescue giving us the ability to continue to save lives.
We believe that establishing a dedicated network of committed and caring fosters, volunteers and business partners is instrumental in rescue and rehabilitation. Through these networks and everyone’s generous donations we can provide proper vetting along with spay/neuter to all of the companion animals that are taken into RRF.
Continuing to educate the public on the importance of spay/neuter is only one step of many. Detection and prevention of animal cruelty is an important part of our mission along with general education on cherishing the lifelong commitment that comes with having a companion animal.
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